Acer recently to enter the home entertainment department in India

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Acer to enter a home entertainment room in India soon.

Asher, one of the world’s leading and most well-known brands in computing, will soon be launching its first-of-its-kind digital TV series based on Bengalru. Acer TVs range in size from 32-inch to 70-inch and wide range of packages through Amazon and Flipkart.

Indkal is expected to share details and pricing soon. Asher TVs will hit the market once in September.

“In the last twelve months, the demand for home entertainment has increased, so it has increased demand for televisions,” said Andand Dubei, chief executive of Indcal Technologies, which is responsible for the development, distribution and support of acre televisions in India. This is a good time to enter the market with Acer, one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the market. With the current sales growth expected to extend to Diwali, we will have many opportunities to show the value of Acer TVs to the market and improve the overall TV viewing experience.

” Since its inception in 1987, Acer’s mission has been to break down barriers between people and technology, ”said Jed Zoo, VP, Global Strategic Alliance, Asher Inc. Acer-branded range of modern TVs that enrich the home entertainment experience.

Having been in the business for over 40 years, Acer is one of the leading manufacturers of hardware computing for consumers around the world. In India, it is popular for personal computers, gaming laptops, desktops and other marketing devices.

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