A new chapter emerging James Webb launches a space telescope secondary mirror.

Last night, the James Web Space Telescope (JWST) successfully deployed its secondary mirror and support structure. “Another Flag Day for JWST,” Bill Och, web project manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, praised the team for deploying the second glass at the Mission Operations Center in Baltimore. “This is incredible. We are 600,000 miles from Earth, and we really have a telescope.”

Deployment process began at 8 p.m., 22 pm IST, and engineers confirmed that the deployment was completed around 10 pm 53 pm IST.

The world’s most complex triad has been released by Lee Feinberg, manager of the Godard Web Web telescope element. “That’s the way a person really thinks. Web Secondary Glass had to be microwaved and cooled to a very low temperature and finally worked for the first time without error. He also had to deploy himself to a one-and-a-half millimeter tolerance, position and lock, and then the telescope must be very stable when pointing to different positions in the sky – and this is only a secondary mirror. Support structure more than seven meters long.

Why is the secondary mirror important?

The second glass is a small round convex glass (0.74 m in diameter) and located at the end of a long boom. These booms are folded and held in place at the time of launch. Light shines when it hits Web primary mirrors and hits the smallest secondary mirror. This mirror directs the light to the instruments.

In the past, the Web team has successfully deployed sunscreen and has created tensions. It also has a built-in Infrared MIRI. MIRI’s sensitive pointers help to see the distant galaxies and the newly created stars.

“To open the cover, we first need to charge our device electronics and make sure they are working properly. The MIRI pollution control cover will close in the next few days. [-266 degree Celsius] And he is ready to see the sky, ”said Gillian Wright, chief researcher at the Center for Astronomical Technology in the UK.


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