7 Shift Land donates $ 80 million to expand restaurant |

7shifts will continue to double the latest funding to build a team and build products for the employee life cycle, which will keep restaurant operators in all their manpower processes – from hiring, boarding, training, scheduling and paying.

By RTN Staff – 2.11.2022

Restaurant Group Management Forum 7shifts has raised more than $ 20 million in less than a year, with more than $ 20 million raised by Seri C C, led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The new round of funding will include Ten Covities Capital and Integrated Holiday Investments from existing investors.

A.D. With offices in Saskatchewan, Canada, Toronto and New Jersey in 2014, 7shifts itself is an end-to-end technology platform designed to facilitate team management, especially as restaurants adapt to the challenges of labor. Profitability and compliance. From project to team communication, task management and tip collection, the 7 shifts platform is designed to encourage operational efficiency and team engagement and make it “easier” to receive programs, manage business shifts and operations.

For the company two years ago, things were going so badly that a quarter of its employees were forced to resign due to poor revenue. The company is back on track in the coming months. And then came the epidemic, which increased restaurants and worked for the benefit of the company as they sought to understand more to help manpower efficiency.

“Restaurants have faced countless challenges over the past two years, and now they need more technology than ever to streamline operations, improve staffing and team retention,” 7shifts CEO Jordan Bosch said in a statement. “As our growth progresses, both free and multi-brand brands are rapidly using the best platforms of the genre to lead a challenging job market.

Today, according to the company, 7shifts employs more than 650,000 restaurant professionals in 27,000 locations worldwide. The company’s recent growth includes the addition of well-known multi-brand brands such as FUSIAN, Salt and Straw, Hook & Real, Mezeh Mediterranean Grill and Bannerra Restaurant Group.

The 7shifts platform features a number of interactive labor management tools that work together to help restaurants create and maintain programs on their desktop or smartphone. The platform provides independent and multi-tiered operators with powerful tools to ensure that restaurant leaders gain greater visibility into their business and comply with labor regulations.

Solution Prediction Algorithm Managers and operators use machine learning to automate data-driven and labor-intensive programs beyond the accuracy and reliability of manual schedules and also comply with state-wide labor regulations. By using POS mergers for real-time data, 7shifts is reported to be able to deliver up to 95% accuracy of future sales in terms of historical sales, timeliness, weather trends and other external factors.

In April last year, 7shifts raised $ 21.5 million in series B, funded by Enlightened Hospitality Investments (EHI), with the Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG). Founded in 1985 by restaurateur Danny Meyer, it operates several New York City restaurants, including USHG Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe. EHI was established in 2016 to make strategic investments in restaurant-related solutions.

The new investment will come in a significant growth year for 7 shifts. A.D. By 2021, the company has added more than 10,000 locations and more than 400,000 employees to the platform. It helps restaurant operators connect all of their manpower processes – from hiring, boarding, training, scheduling and paying.

In addition, according to the company, 7shifts has more than doubled its partnerships, further expanding its APIs to close technology gaps for restaurant operators. “Capital investment in restaurant technology has not really cost much to help operators connect multiple systems. He said we have given priority to 7 shifts to close this gap and make it easier for operators to access their information.

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