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ROCKWALL, Texas- (Business Wire) –We, 5G LLC, are proud to be the largest contributor to Class A and B, Institutional Real Estate for domestic wireless wireless adoption.. With more than 26,000 commercial real estate properties under special arrangement for several years and an additional 65,000 properties recently added to the pipeline, 5G LLC has developed a technology marketplace for real estate owners, tenants and wireless carriers. As the next generation wireless deployment, CRE owners have partnered with 5G LLC It is set to become one of the largest distributors of rental rolls in the US over the next five years.

5G LLC, based in Rockwell, TX, is a communications infrastructure company that facilitates the integration of commercial real estate into wireless carrier networks. Roof rails represent a cost-effective solution for fast and capital efficient 5G deployment, as carriers can use existing commercial real estate in high-traffic areas. Network deployment shortens network time while helping portfolio providers improve network quality and resource planning.

As the main platform for strategic roofs, 5G LGG is focusing on traffic and size areas to meet the deployment needs of the complex 5G environment. 5G LLC is the largest market in the United States for most household, retail, office and industrial sectors in the marketplace to attract significant market share to a proven common interest solution.

5G LLC represents the institutional real estate space through special portfolio wide agreements:

  • Housing – 50% of the top 5 and top 20 owners

  • Business / Office – 3 of the top 5

  • Retail Business – 5G LLC is the only largest retailer in the United States

  • Health Care – 2 of the top 5 healthcare owners and the largest hospitals in the country

  • Large portfolio of image and institutional buildings in New York and surrounding areas

  • Significant assets and distribution in the top 30 cities nationwide

A.D. Since its inception in 2020, our approach has been proven by some of the most prominent commercial real estate owners and operators in the United States, as well as by incumbent and next-generation wireless carriers. 5G LLC wins competitive pricing for both construction owners and carriers. Our team is built on both CRE and service provider knowledge, experience in building cell networks, and trust and confidence in both parties to implement this plan. 5G LLC handles everything from start to finish, including maintenance and upgrade cycles in the trained telecom industry. Using 5G LLC, real estate owners are equipped to enhance and protect real estate assets while creating meaningful long-term value.

5G LLC real estate “roofs” enable carriers to quickly deploy thousands of new 5G cell stations needed to strengthen their networks. If the antenna height associated with 5G technology is reduced, building roofs will provide a suitable solution. Historically, these site rents went to the benefit of tower operators, but now major institutional commercial real estate owners working with 5G LLC are better suited for service providers to find a quick and efficient solution to their wireless real estate needs. 5G LLC is a leading provider of wireless compatible landlords who want to transfer and purchase.

5G LLC is the largest US-based pure lease for commercial use in the roof cell station. A.D. By 2021, we will increase the size of real estate by 5x and increase the workforce by 7x. November 1: Due to our rapid expansion, we will be moving to our new positionSt In Rockwell, Texas.

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