5G LLC and Aon are opening new sources of capital and technology benefits for construction owners

Rockwell, Texas – (Business Wire–5G is creating earthquake opportunities for real estate owners. 5G LLC, a major US marketing and management company for 5G technology solutions, is helping customers gain access to 5G infrastructure and generate new revenue. Together, 5G LLC and Aon are working with thousands of properties and portfolio of the world’s largest institutional and private real estate owners. “As businesses around the world grow in technology, bringing new ideas and solutions to our customers is critical to their continued growth,” said James Trainer, senior vice president of Cyber ​​Solutions.

5G LLC and Aon jointly provide innovative solutions to help customers gain capital

5G wireless transmissions on existing roofs will be one of the largest lease payments for construction owners in the United States over the next five years. 5G LLC is creating a reliable speed line to install, manage and optimize technology and revenue sources. “Aon is very pleased to offer this new solution to our customers, so you can get a new source of revenue from the lease and more net operating revenue,” said Kevin Madden, CEO of Aon Real Estate. 5G LLC and AON as well as their owners’ many reliable services for construction and help consumers deliver the fast 5G connectivity they expect, helping to solve the digital divide in underdeveloped communities.

5G is a significant growth opportunity.

The partnership will help provide new solutions in 5G connectivity. 5G LLC is a leading provider of connectivity technology solutions for the real estate industry, bridging the gap between technology and real estate. Rick Varnell, SVP, 5G LLC, “5G LLC is thrilled to be involved in the success of our customers and to innovate in such a collaborative way only. This is a completely new rental role when properly configured and guided by the terms of the agreement. Real estate owners are at risk of losing benefits if they do not negotiate with wireless service providers and if they are not paired with the right mindset leaders who can navigate the process from start to finish. That’s where the connection shines. “For more information, please visit 5gllc.net. For more information about Aon, please visit aon.com.

About 5G LLC

5G LLC enables carriers to quickly deploy and expand new technology to significantly increase the demand for cell sites. 5G LLC allows homeowners to become a fast-paced access to the national service provider. Building owners receive a long-term source of income from transforming their roof into a technology-rich environment, which directly affects net income and is the backbone of essential services and services.

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