5 things to do with the Texas Tech win over Houston: Show, Tech Defense meets expectations

Here are five key points from the Texas Tech 38-21 Week 1 win over Houston

Houston’s main start

Texas Tech won the coin toss, but decided to postpone it until the second half. The excitement surrounding an experienced Red Rider defense quickly met with a test of reality. The destruction of the Quarter took full control of the first quarter. Houston opened the game with a stern confidence, turning it into a three-quarter-point, trampled by Texas Tech. The Cougars ran 23 games on offense before the Red Giants were able to call the first. Violent losses gave Houston a 14-0 lead.

Thompson scratched

Saroderic Thompson, who was penalized, did not play when the team started running. Head coach Matt Wells said he will continue to recover from shoulder surgery and will make a decision at the start of the week. Thompson was a key part of the Red Devils offense and has led the team in the backcourt for the past two seasons. Texas Tech quickly felt the emptiness of his absence. Junior Javier White dropped the ball just two yards from the final zone until the start of the final quarter, rebounding Houston’s loss.

Shough easy start

Tyler Show completed seven straight passes to open the game and watched the Texas Tech quarterback early in the game. When he found it open to short-term recipients, his hand was right. The show completed half of the 8-of-9 passes, but only raised 83 yards. A huge crowd came as Eric Izukanma ran to the finish line for a 39-yard touchdown run. The first 30 minutes of the show, dressed in a Texas Tech uniform, confirmed that he was confident in his accuracy, but reminded the fans that the coaching staff was not yet ready to release him.

Izukanma is looking at the room

Eric Izukanma has made a lot of noise this summer and shows why the opening 2021 has been confirmed. Junior receiver finished the game with seven catches and 179 yards. Izukanma showed why he could be the perfect match for the Tyler Show, creating one of the most powerful disgusting duo in the big 12. Not only did the big body get in the air, but he added more yards after being caught. . If Izukanma is able to play consistently at this stage, the Red Giants will have one of the most dangerous weapons in the Guba conference.

Year of defense?

For Houston, the main opening frame may be a little disappointing for Texas Tech, but not everyone is disappointed. Although the receiver slips into open contact, it looks relatively strong for tech protection. When the defense got the theme, that theme continued in the game. The Red Invaders forced four interceptions, including Rico Jeffer, who went for six points. They also finished the game with a loss of 12 points for four losses. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Red robbers seem to be one of the most reliable defenses in years.

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