3 tech giants reported more than $ 50 billion in gross profit

Three technology companies – Apple, Microsoft and Google Owner – have made a staggering $ 50 billion profit in the April-June quarter, proving their unparalleled impact and lifestyle changes.

Although these companies make their money in various ways, the result serves as another reminder that they are more concerned about the tactics they use and why government regulators are so powerful.

The huge profits in each company are estimated to have a total market value of $ 6.4 trillion – more than double the combined value when the COVID-19 outbreak began 16 months ago.


Apple’s first iPhone model, which can connect to the fastest 5G wireless networks, was making a profit every three months for the high-tech and high-tech company.

For the third consecutive quarter, Apple’s profits and earnings for April-June were more than analysts’ estimates, posting double-digit growth over the previous year. California Cuba Cup Retino has doubled its profit for the same period last year to $ 21.7 billion, or $ 1.30 billion. Revenue increased by 36% to $ 81.4 billion.

But with analysts, Apple’s general manager, Tim Cook, said on Tuesday that the growing number of coronavirus speculation raises doubts over the rest of the year. “The road to recovery will be winding,” Cook said. That uncertainty has led to Apple delaying the number of employees returning to its offices from September to October. Although most Apple stores are already open.

The iPhone 12, released last autumn, has been Apple’s most popular model for many years, making it the first of its kind to run on 5G networks around the world. Apple iPhone sales reached nearly $ 40 billion in the last quarter, up 50 percent from a year earlier.

Apple Services, the world’s largest testing center for iPhone applications, has seen revenue increase to $ 17.5 billion last year. A decision to change the outcome of the May trial is expected later this summer.

One of Apple’s biggest challenges is the lack of computer chips and other key components that will force the company to delay next year’s iPhone, as it did last year. Apple expects revenue to grow by 10% in the current quarter, but says it will have more difficulty finding iPhones and iPads in the coming months. Executives have raised questions about possible iPhone delays.


Google revenues have improved significantly over the past year since the outbreak began biting consumer spending and advertising. Now that vaccines have allowed people to spread the disease and re-emerge, a large portion of that spread has allowed advertisers to spend more, a big check to Google and the parent company Alphabet Inc.

Google-backed Alphabet earned $ 18.53 billion or $ 27.26 per share in the quarter, a three-fold increase over last year’s revenue of $ 6.96 billion or $ 10.13 per share. Google advertising revenue has grown from 69% to $ 50.44 billion, according to general manager Sandar Pichai, who says online activity between consumers and businesses is “increasing.”

The company said that the retail trade, along with travel and entertainment advertising, was a major contributor to revenue growth. Gross revenue grew by 62% last year to $ 62.88 billion. After TAC was reduced or traffic acquisition revenue was $ 50.95 billion.

Linn The April-June quarter looks particularly strong, as the 2020 downturn forced Google to announce its first quarterly advertising revenue every three months compared to last year.

Analysts were expected to earn $ 56.2 billion per share, $ 19.24 per share, and $ 46.2 billion after reducing TAC. After the results, the afternoon trading alphabet stock rose to $ 135, or 5.1%, to $ 2,773.


Fiscal’s fourth-quarter earnings of $ 16.5 billion on Tuesday show a 47 percent increase over the same period last year. Net shares outperformed Wall Street expectations at $ 2.17. The software maker posted a forecast of $ 46.2 billion in the quarter ended June 30, up 21% from the same period last year.

Analysts expected Microsoft to earn $ 1.91 per share from April-June for $ 44.1 billion. Microsoft’s profits have grown throughout the pandemic as a result of its long-standing demand for software and cloud computing services. Hours later, however, the company’s shares fell 2.9% to $ 278.19.

Office productivity tools are generally better than revenue growth to handle Microsoft cloud sales sales and business documentation compared to Amazon and other companies. The company’s historical pillar – personal calculations – grew by only 9% in the quarter.

He noted that supply issues, including Surface and Windows production, are affecting personal accounting. The company, called the next generation Windows 11, has announced its first major update in six years. It will be available later this year.

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