2J antennas are being developed with the smallest flexible antennas in the world, designed to enhance global connectivity.

Phoenix – ((Business Wire) -2J Antennas “Connecting the World”, a global leader in high performance antenna solutions, introduces the world’s smallest flexible antenna Mono-Flexi series. Pending technology patents the introduction of a new method of cable bridge between the beam and the extension ground plane, solving antenna performance and size, making it ideal for small device integration. The link system creates low-frequency speakers and optimizes the antenna size when reduced to high efficiency, especially at low frequency bands.

Of Mono-Flexi series It consists of sub-6 GHz, 5G NR, 4G LTE and cellular 600 – 7125 MHz antennas. GNSS multi-star, WiFi-6 and ISM band models are under construction and will be added in Mono-Flexi series comming soon. Right- and left-handed feed options allow for different antenna configurations for MMO and sorting systems. This high-quality antenna is ideal for integration with PCB or cellular devices that face problems during certification, approval, or size restrictions. With this technology, we can reduce the size of 4G LTE antennas to 40x20mm and 5G NR to 50x25mm by 0.2mm. Mono-Flexi series Antennas can reach more than 80% efficiency in low frequency bands, a breakthrough technology now available on the market.

“We are proud to be the first to offer the most flexible antenna solutions for the global market. As demand for small devices increases, antenna solutions need to be constantly evolved with advanced technologies. Our engineering teams have worked tirelessly to develop the smallest full spectrum antenna solution that closes the antenna size and performance gap. Says Ruben Kudras, PhD, Director of Engineering.

About 2J antennas

Since 2002, 2J antennas have worked closely with technology leaders in the fields of medical, automotive, marine, telemetry, telecommunications, automation and IoT industry leaders. For its engineering excellence and self-confidence, 2J antennas is committed to providing a truly end-to-end process with high quality products and a complete set of services that enable customers to market their products effortlessly.

Out-of-the-box antennas and custom solutions are available on their website or by contacting sales@2j-antennas.com.

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