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Stocks introduced in Income margin We have responded to their cries for help.

That’s what we want.

Cisco has reached a 52-week high since Thursday, emerging from a major defeat. This is great news for stockholders and will provide the latest support to follow.

Applied materials did not have much effect on revenues, so we expect prices to fall from this share to $ 140.

Two weeks ago this was Disney and XL Fleet.

Disney tried to make money, but it closed in a circle. You need to spend a little more time to get a clean separation.

XL, for its part, is clearly below support levels and has been trending downwards ever since. Look for more weaknesses in that collection.

This week we will continue to focus on stocks that need to move forward. We have done a great job so far.

And today’s two stocks, Medtronic (NYSE: MDTAnd Labor Day Inc. (Nasdak: Friday) They will take a big step when announcing their income this week.

Income margin Stock No. 1: Medtronic (NYSE: MDT)

Revenue Notice Date; Tuesday, before opening.

Expectations Earn $ 1.32 per share. Its revenue is $ 7.9 billion.

Average level of analysis Excellent.

Medronic, an Irish medical device maker, trades in one of my favorite styles. As I said earlier, the top is a triangular shape.

Basically, it is a very expensive way for buyers to come up with higher and higher prices. But sellers remain strong at the same level. The battle between the buyer and the seller is all about price.

And when stocks create an easy-to-read triangle-like pattern, we know exactly how to trade.


The clear resistance level is shown in red and is about $ 132 per share. Second, green support is growing. At some point, a breakup occurs. And it is very common to see these crashes occur after a revenue event due to the sharp movements they produce.

Based on the growing triangle, we were able to bet on hard-earned income.

But I know that the expected activity here is about 13%. So if your earnings fluctuate by 5% above or below the key level, just driving the trend will give you a double-digit profit.

Options traders want a 3% move this week. This should be more than enough to break this triangle.

So keep an eye out for big bucks. But when a split occurs, don’t forget to play the rest of the pieces.

Income margin Stock No. 2 – Workday Inc.

Revenue Notice Date; After closing on Thursday.

Expectations Earn $ 0.77 per share. Its revenue is $ 1.2 billion.

Average level of analysis Excellent.

Workday is a cloud-based application that helps businesses manage their finances and talent.

Since the outbreak, revenues have increased by more than 10% in the fourth quarter, indicating strong growth. And further growth is expected during this time.

This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to sustain growth and attract investors. If there are signs of a reduction, they can be hit very quickly.

An investor feels the same way. That’s why WDAY is traded in the basic whip style.

WDAY Falling pieces are promising

This price pattern is red for low resistance and green for high support. But this is how I keep track of stocks. When these two lines meet, there is an explosion in the direction of the stock.

And given the tightness of this cycle, this week’s earnings are unlikely to split.

This week we are seeing options competing with 3% activity. I think they are showing this. Look for 5% to 10% revenue streams in both directions. The wedge mechanism does not tell you exactly which direction the junction is going, but it is a large level of support that was supported a year ago.

So if this week’s earnings break, there is plenty of room for profit.

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2 Technical Companies Ready to Break Up (MDT & WDAY) Source Link 2 Technical Companies for Breakouts (MDT & WDAY)

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