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It has been a year of ups and downs for the technology sector. Including big-cap players Microsoft, Letter, And Apple During the extension, they made huge profits, and many small players saw volatile trades. Investors may be watching the latest market turmoil and wondering what to do next.

While it is difficult to predict which trends will change the market in the short term, the technology sector is still a major starting point for investors looking to explode. And recent market volatility has created opportunities for promising companies to invest in discounted prices. Read on to see two stocks worth adding to your portfolio before the August fall.

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Excessive rigidity between value and growth can cause investors to miss out on some great opportunities. Round (NYSE: ZUO) It is yet to make a profit, and is expected to sell at an estimated 5.6 futures higher compared to other stocks in the regular “Value” category. But a software-as-a-service (SAAS) leader seems to be cheap, and can break expectations and provide great returns to shareholders.

Zura provides a software platform that makes it easy for companies to process customer accounts and payments. The adoption of subscription-based business models has been growing over the past two decades, and Zura could continue to play a major role in boosting subscriber economy.

Zura is a division leader in the service cabin, and there is a good chance that many businesses will rely on subscription-based business models. Customers who subscribe to the subscription service stick to the core product at a reasonable price, and companies prioritize building revenue streams because these revenue streams are time-dependent and profitable.

The benefits of that subscription model can continue to attract new corporate customers, and Zuria seems to be a big game to benefit from the overall subscription economy growth. On the other hand, it is important to note that recent performance is not balanced.

As the market grew lower than expected, the company’s stock price fell by approximately 47 percent. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during pregnancy. Zura is not a low-risk stock, but it is worth looking for investors who are willing to achieve multi-badge performance.

With an estimated market capitalization of $ 1.9 billion, Zuria still has a significant potential for growth, and the company seems to be an important game for investors looking to benefit from the growth economy. Investors need to keep in mind that there are speculations about the company’s future, but it could lead to big wins.


It has been fun for years Ubisoft Entertainment (OTC: UBSFY). The French video game publisher was posting strong performance thanks to its successful releases in 2018 Rainbow Six And Reconciliation of spirits Francesis, but subsequent payments were lower than expected – and that made the next map for the video game publisher even more difficult.

Over the past three years, the company’s share price has fallen by an estimated 40%, and by 43%, an increase of 43% over the previous week. But not all of them are gone. Ubisoft is in the early stages of its commercial pillar as it focuses on releasing more mobile and gaming (F2P) titles. This strategic change gives the company the opportunity to reach a wider audience and generate revenue through the sale of alternative in-game items and currencies.

Is this new approach safe for work? No, it can be expensive, and there are reasons to be optimistic about the company’s long-term prospects.

With an estimated market capitalization of $ 7.3 billion, Ubisoft seems to be cheap and will continue to provide explosive performance. Only a new successful franchise can drastically change the company’s outlook, and it is unreasonable to expect it to prove its skeptics wrong and offer greater success.

As the growing number of players take part in hobbies and pave the way for a new global middle class, the gaming industry looks set for strong growth in the coming decades. Ubisoft’s proven development studios, time-tested marketing teams, and portable franchises should help it increase its demand for resonant entertainment, and the stock is a valuable purchase for investors looking to venture into the gaming space.

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