15 years later, Facebook has changed its news feed to ‘feed’.

Meta confirms that it is changing the name of Facebook ‘News Feed’ to ‘Pastor’. News feed is a major feature that highlights information, including profile changes, upcoming events and birthdays and other updates. The news feed was first introduced 15 years ago.

“From now on, our news feed is now known as” food, “Facebook tweeted. Good scrolling! ”The company did not say why the name was changed, but a study by Meta in 2021 showed that news feed algorithms were pushing politicians to take a more extreme stance. “It’s just a name change to better reflect the different content people see on their pastors,” Verge told Facebook.

Facebook Earlier in the year 2021, it changed itself to ‘meta’ in Connect 2021. For the uninitiated, the meta version is a mix of online social experiences, expanded in three directions or into the physical world. It allows you to share your immersive experiences with others and to work together in a way that you cannot do in the physical world, even if you cannot. It is the next evolution in long-term social technologies, and it is creating a new chapter for our company, ”said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company.

Earlier this week, the company announced that it would launch a ‘News’ feature on its platform for users in France. This new feature draws attention to news reports from a variety of trusted news sources. “As part of our ongoing commitment to journalism and content creation at Meta, this new tab will give people a unique place to find the stories that are most important to them.


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