10 Google Search Tips and Tricks to Get Quick Results

Google Search is the most widely used search engine in most parts of the world and is now the most powerful page on the web. Calculations, contextual search and more. Here are ten essential Google search tips and tricks to help you find your search results faster than anyone else.

Use search filtering tabs

Search filters are your best friend when searching for a specific result. For example, if you are looking for cafes, malls or parks near you, you can easily switch to the ‘Map’ tab to see more related results and clutter. You can use the image, news, and other tabs to get text, images, etc. results.

Use quotation marks (“”) for the correct result

When you use Google to search for more words, the results are usually included in any order and not just the specific order you want. While this may be helpful in some cases, it may also require accurate results, such as when searching for song lyrics. This is when you can use quotation marks to get accurate results.

Colon for site-based searches

Google allows you to search only those pages that belong to a particular website. To do this, you can simply add ‘site: xyz.com’ (which may be the site you are looking for) to get results from a different website. For example, you can search ‘Willem Dafo site: Wikipedia.com’ Direct link to the actor’s Wikipedia page.

Star sign

There may be times when you want to find the right thing but you do not have the right words. This is when you can easily add a star instead of words you don’t remember and Google fills in the blanks. For example, if you are looking for an anime attack on Titan, but you can not remember that it is his real name Attack on Titan Or Titan attack, You can easily search Attack * Titan, And Google will help you.

Fast calculator and currency exchange

Google’s small search bar is a real calculator and converter. The next time you need a quick change and your phone or calculator is nowhere to be found, you can easily Google your bill and get answers. For example, you can Google “768 times 4” to get a direct answer, which is 3072.

You can also get direct results for data conversions such as instant rates. For example, you can Google “37.99 USD in INR” to get a direct result in Rupee.

Ask Google for a sunset or sunset

Google monitors not only your city but also every city in your time zone. So if you want to know what time it is in a particular city abroad, anywhere in the world, all you have to do is Google “Time (city name)” and you will find the local time for that region.

For quick results, you can simply search for “Sunrise (City Name)” or “Sunrise (City Name)” and find time to sunrise or sunset in any city.

Search for specific files

Google lets you search for specific files when you need quick access to certain jpeg images, PDF files or anything like that. To do this, users can type “filetype: (file extension)” by continuing the search query to get the correct results. For example, you can search “(Your File Name) File Type: pdf” To search for a specific .pdf file.

Set a timer / runner

Google also allows you to set a timer or timer on a new tab on your phone or computer. Simply look for something like this “Timer 7 minutes” To start the timer. In the Clock tab, you can even find the Run Clock function.

Ask Google for your IP address

Google knows your device’s IP address, although not always. To find out the IP address of the device you are currently using, simply open Google and search “What is my IP?” Get instant access to your public IP address.

Search for inverse image

It’s great to use Google to get the images you want, but you can take Google help to get the image from the source to the original or to get the same image in high quality or similar images. To do this, first go to the special Google Images homepage. You can do this by visiting the Google page and clicking on the “Images” button at the top right.

Once on the Google Images page, find the camera-shaped icon in the search bar. Usually in the pill-shaped search bar to the right is the second icon. Click the button to upload an image from your phone or computer and Google will change the same search.


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